Find Peak Pops

A vintage Peak Pops cart is a permenant fixture at these locations:

Great Wolf Lodge: Colorado Springs

9494 Federal Drive
Colorado Springs, CO

(844) 553-9653

Denver Zoo

2300 Steele St.
Denver, CO

(720) 337-1400

Also Find Peak Pops at These Fun Events!

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals representing 615 species and has championed more than 600 conservation and research projects in 60 countries.

Boulder Creek Festival

Boulder Creek Festival® is proud to host a diverse selection of food. Expect to find everything from carnival food to healthy options throughout the fair. Check out Boulder Eats for local restaurants.

Hudson Gardens

Every summer, the Hudson Gardens & Event Center transforms into one of the Denver area's favorite outdoor concert venues. Since the first show (twenty years ago!), the Summer Concert Series has attracted international artists and over half a million of their biggest fans. Our 2018 concert schedule features chart-topping rock, country, and pop music from the 70's to today. Grab a friend, a cold beer, and a seat on the grassy amphitheater to enjoy some of the best live music that Littleton and the Denver area has to offer!

Get Peak Pops!

Get a Peak Pops cart at your next special event or for your business location. We charge a fee of $75 and you get our cart and an employee for 2 hours. If you need it longer we can discuss that. We will also give wholesale pricing depending on size. We usually just bring a mix of flavors but if you want specific flavors we can do that as well!

Want A Peak Pops Cart of Your Very Own?

Inquire about our business opportunities and cart leasing programs.